Our Groups

  • A Group
    • 11 miles and over
  • B Group
    • 9 to 11 miles
  • C Group
    • 6 to 8 miles
  • D Group
    • up to 6 miles
  • E Group
    • up to 3 miles

Walks take place every Thursday and Sunday except for the E Group who walk on two Thursdays each month.

The programme uses the following walk ratings:

S – Strenuous         M – Moderate        E – Easy


Meeting Places

Sunday walks meet in Brabyns Brow car park.

Thursday walks meet across the road in Brabyns Park car park.

Please check the departure time in the walks programme – walks depart at the time specified so aim to arrive at least 5 minutes early.


Over 300 walks a year

Volunteer Leaders

We are very fortunate to have willing leaders for all the walks published in our Programme.  No pressure is place on members to lead walks although new volunteers are always welcome.

Start Location

All walks meet at the locations described in the left hand panel.  Where members live closer to the start point of the walk information can be obtained from the walk leader.  It is the member’s responsibility to be at the start location when the main group arrive.

Car Passengers

 Car passengers are expected to contribute towards the cost of petrol.  The suggested rate is 10p per mile.

Walk Programme

A printed Walk Programme is sent to members every 
4 months,




Click here for the March to June programme.