Our Groups

  • A Group
    • 11 miles and over
  • B Group
    • 9 to 11 miles
  • C Group
    • 6 to 8 miles
  • D Group
    • up to 6 miles
  • E Group
    • up to 3 miles

Walks take place every Thursday and Sunday except for the E Group who walk on two Thursdays each month.

The programme uses the following walk ratings:

S – Strenuous         M – Moderate        E – Easy


Meeting Places
In response to COVID guidance all walks will now meet at the advertised start point.


Over 300 walks a year

Restarting our walks

Once we restart organised walks a number of changes will be made in order to provide a safe environment for members and to ensure that our walks are exempt from the “rule of 6” by following “The Ramblers” guidelines . Full details of our restart will be found  here soon .


Volunteer Leaders

We are very fortunate to have willing volunteer leaders for all the walks in our Programme.  No pressure is place on members to lead walks although new volunteers are always welcome.

Start Location

Until further notice, all walks will meet at the start location as shown under the walk details.

Car Passengers

 The club does not recommend car sharing during the current Pandemic. For the latest information on car sharing go to the government website.

Walk Programme


When we restart organised walks we will initially only publish walks online in order to give us flexibility to change things at short notice if regulations change.