Our Groups

  • A Group
    • 11 miles and over
  • B Group
    • 9 to 11 miles
  • C Group
    • 6 to 8 miles
  • D Group
    • up to 6 miles
  • E Group
    • up to 3 miles

Walks take place every Thursday and Sunday except for the E Group who walk on two Thursdays each month.

The programme uses the following walk ratings:

S – Strenuous         M – Moderate        E – Easy



Over 300 walks a year

Our current programme of walks covers March – June 2024.  Our next programme will be mailed to members in mid June together with the latest edition of our Footprint newsletter.


Volunteer Leaders

We are very fortunate to have willing volunteer leaders for all the walks in our Programme.  No pressure is place on members to lead walks although new volunteers are always welcome.

Start Location

The printed walks programme lists the area of the walk together with the approximate distance and contact details for the leader.  Closer to the date of the walk the Walks Organiser for each group sends an email to all those who have expressed an interest in walking with that group.  To be registered for these updates please phone the Walks Organiser for the Group/s you are interested in (numbers shown on the back of the printed programme).  NB You can register for more than one group if you like.

This updated information will also be shown on the walks listing on this page and on the home page as soon as it is received.

Meeting Time and Location

The meeting time and location for each walk will be included in the group emails and updated on the website  Most groups are happy to arrange shared transport when possible.


Always check the website before you go on the walk to see if there are any late changes to the programme.

27th May 2024